The Faculty CIP Committee will assist the CIP director in the planning, organization and supervision of the RCPSC accredited program.


Membership will include representatives from Departments and Research Institutes, as nominated by the CIP Director, Divisional CIP directors and CIP resident representatives. The committee also includes the Vice-Dean PGME as a co-chair and ex-officio member.


The faculty CIP Committee is responsible for:

  1. Selection of CIP residents, acceptability of research projects and environment;
  2. Approval of supervisors, research advisory committees and additional mentors as needed for each resident enrolled in the program;
  3. Overview and maintenance of standards in the operation of the research component of the program;
  4. Coordination of departmental/divisional components of the CIP, including interdisciplinary linkages;
  5. Maintenance of records of all research residents enrolled in the faculty CIP including interim and final evaluations;
  6. Verification of satisfactory completion by the resident of the research component of the program, which must be based on the educational objectives of the CIP and the research experience in question
Clinician Investigator Program Ottawa Terms of Reference